Our story

fish21 is a value-led organisation established to help advance sustainability in the recreational fishing sector. We provide the secretariat for the Eden Sustainability Declaration – a voluntary initiative for the angling trades. As a Global Ghost Gear Initiative partner, we also work to develop solutions to end-of-life fishing gear worldwide, to help reduce marine by-catch and promote successful catch and release.

Our founder

Stuart McLanaghan is a recognised sustainable business and environmental specialist; Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, and a Chartered Resource and Waste Manager. He has extensive executive-level experience advancing sustainability for major public / private sector clients, including the UK Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, Waitrose, Mustad Fishing, Seafish and Francis Crick Institute. Stuart is a sustainability features writer for Tackle Trade World and presenter on sustainability, EFTTEX 2018/19. A lifelong angler, he undertook a sabbatical as a fishing instructor on the famous Bywell beat, River Tyne, England.