We acknowledge that:

  • Scientific evidence shows that finite resource depletion and climate change are occurring, and that the current economic activity is unsustainable.
  • Global resource depletion and climate change will likely have far reaching effects on people and places, economies, societies and habitats.
  • Sustainable fish populations are integral to healthy ecosystems and a more sustainable planet.

We support:

  • The social, economic and environmental benefits associated with more sustainable business activities.
  • Evidence-based research and development which helps to identify ways in which the angling trades can become more sustainable.

From this date_______________________we voluntarily commit our organisation to:

Publicly declare to work towards activities which increase the local, national and global sustainability of our business activities, especially to:

  • Design out waste in all new product development;
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and other negative environmental impacts;
  • Reduce carbon-based (non-renewable) energy use;
  • Increase resource efficiency and material recycling
  • Work collaboratively with our supply / value chain on sustainability initiatives;
  • Promote the responsible use of our products and services; and
  • Monitor our progress against these commitments.

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