1. What is the Eden Sustainability Declaration (ESD)? The Declaration is a principles-based voluntary framework aimed at developing a more sustainable fishing tackle sector through collaboration.
  2. Why is this initiative necessary? Global mega-trends represent a series of unprecedented sustainability threats and uncertainties – rapid urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity are amongst those shaping business today and into the future. The associated challenges require actions by all stakeholders including business. Integrating sustainability into the global leisure fishing tackle sector has never made more compelling business sense.
  3. Who is being encouraged to sign-up to the Eden Sustainability Declaration? Leisure fishing tackle manufacturers, as well as retailers, tour operators and other sponsoring third parties.
  4. What is the cost of becoming a signatory to the Eden Sustainability Declaration? There is no cost to becoming a signatory. Simply complete the short form online, or alternatively email us containing the requested information. We will also require a hi-definition copy of your logo to upload on our website.
  5. Are there any ongoing obligations placed on signatories? No, other than signatories pledging from the outset to embrace the Declaration’s guiding principles in their business activities.
  6. How will third parties know that our organisation is a signatory? A list of all signatories, together with their logo and a hyper-link to their website will be published online. Signatories are encouraged to promote support for the Declaration on their company website(s), through social-media and be printing out and proudly displaying the signed Declaration.
  7. Are there any longer-term objectives for this initiative? It is intended that ongoing stakeholder dialogue with industry players across the leisure fishing tackle sector will lead to collaboration on a range of sustainability initiatives. Please email us for more information.
  8. I am interested in this initiative, but worried about its potential impact on my business? Developing more sustainable business practices can help make business more resilience to increasing external market volatilities and disruption. Ultimately, this is about business re-thinking how resources are managed, using innovation to capitalise on cost savings and unlock new revenue streams, both in the short- and long-term. Getting proactively involved today will help shape your industry’s future.
  9. How will signatories be kept informed of future developments? All signatories will be kept up to date via periodic electronic newsletter circulars/blogs.

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