Through our monthly ‘sustainability and the trade’ feature, fish21 provides thought-provoking commentary on sustainability issues across the angling trades.

May 2018 – TTW Editor, John Watson talk’s to fish21 about sustainability and our aspirations for the trade

June 2018 – fish21 explores the future of fishing line

July 2018 – fish21 explores product packaging

August 2018 – TTW Editor John Watson talks to fish21 about EFTTEX 2018, Amsterdam

September 2018 – fish21 outlines its ‘angling bait and sustainability’ surveys

October 2018 – fish21 explores circle hooks

November 2018 – fish21 talks about its ‘angling bait and sustainability’ surveys

December 2018 – fish21 reports back from Bali on the Global Ghost Gear Initiative’s 2018 Bali AGM

January 2019 – fish21 looks at an lead-free angling future